Sadistic Torture [EP]

by Biotomy

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A mixture of mud and destruction guitar playing.
With the admixture of slam and downtempo.


released July 21, 2016

Artwork by Blackink
Mixing/mastering by Artyom Shriman (Smile A Velociraptor, Spice Mutated Corpse)



all rights reserved


Biotomy Moscow, Russia

Two Man Slamming Brutal Death Metal project from Russia.

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Track Name: Sadistic Torture
Bleed! Bleed! Bleed!

Your world is crumble in their heads gradually.

Feeling the.. PAIN.

You can't hide.. from me.
Track Name: Torn Throats Party
This dilution goes through their minds
Broken throats and left for dead
Are they have any chance to chase without body?
Summoning the zombies from the cursed graves beneath
Now I am waiting to eat your fucking face

Incoming the epidemic catastrophe
Torn throats party are goes
Fucking perfect

Severing and dismembering apart
Don't let them again control you

Digging at the cemetery
Dead corpses and thousands graves
Necrophiliac carnality prevails
What you will do if everyone you know already dead?
No one will not believe

They walk...
Carrying your dead body...
Track Name: Chemical ShockWave (feat. Kirill Zarubin from Depths Of Black)
This path
Where is no one
No one has never come
Which you choose?
We'll go over it
Maybe you too

What a fuck is going on?
There is no way turning back
We're trapped here?
We're dead now?
There is only one way to find out


I feel the chemical smell
I see the electric fence
Split in half
Like a silk
Like a count in the chest

Now I go to the end
To find this fucking way out!

Chills behind your spine
Cold covers organs
You don't need anyone
Because you're already corpse
Track Name: Make Feel The Pain
Fulfilling despair, almost pregnant
The world hive spreads everywhere
Your pain reached a critical point
Gruesome wounds are bleeding


Revealing my imagination
I will rip off your dead flesh
How pity looks your phisyognomy
Choking on your own vomit

Crawling to the safe place
But you can't hide from me

Will you be my dirty slave?
Crucified in agony
Even it's your latest breath
Asphyxia from tugging noose
Hanging around your throat
Make feel the pain again
In my disgusting heart
Or my hollow soul

Can I even living in here?
Without regrets and sorrows
Unholy sins that I have done
The whole pain that you have got
It's cringe as fuck...

I'm screaming out loud as
I can breathe until I wake up
But, will you be that monster
Which I want to kill?
This is no make a fucking sense
Track Name: Abdominal Devastation
Falling to the hollow abyss,
Your fear tells you how to benight
Darkness upon the skies showing to us
What we afraid

Collecting the harvest
From abandoned forest
Of tormentors

Entrails slips from the trees,
Transformed shadows
And signs of the plague
Sacrificed, sodomized
Anathematized sinners
Fuck you all and burn in hell...


Disembowelment of your eyes
And decay

Gurgling worms are wants to feed
Disfigurement womb from her body
Devouring creature feels your smell
Decaying crawling fucking leech